Status Update

Status Update – October 28

Howdy hunters,

this week’s status update is brought to you by Phil – who is not on vacation in Thailand, slurping drinks in the sun – but all the happier to write these words.

Let’s get right to it.

Timbergold Trails

It has been one week since the release of Timbergold Trails and we are thrilled about all the feedback that you left us. It makes us very happy that you enjoy the new reserve, animals and shared your feedback about the positive and of course the negative stuff as well.

We continue our work on fixing the initial problems of the patching system, border crashes and more and improved on the failed patch this Wednesday.

It will undergo more testing and will hopefully be ready for next week.


Slightly tricky but all the more enjoyable from our end was the announcement of the next species in the EHR and it is finally happening. After seven years, theHunter will bring Grey Wolves into the game.

We will gradually share more news about this milestone in the upcoming weeks and like you to meet first screenshots, which is taken from early development.

Work in Progress Grey Wolf

Work in Progress Grey Wolf

Early Development

Early Development


It seems that the last patch brought even more uninvited guests than anticipated!
Honoring the yearly tradition, you can find a new beast variant of an animal in the game – at your own risk – next to spooky sales in the store and a mission to win a unique trophy!

Happy Halloween!

Timbercontextual Help

With Wednesday’s patch, we also introduced a new feature called Contextual Help.

Our aim is to help the newest of players to learn the ropes of theHunter.
As many of you know, it takes quite some time to understand and get good at this game. While we have an excellent, community-driven wiki, many video and text tutorials and divine support from all the experienced hunters on the forum, it can still be difficult to grasp what to do during your first hunts.
Enter the contextual help system which will give you hints based on what you do.
We have added the first hint, which tells player that running will spook animals.

More hints will follow in the future and as always, we would love to hear what you think about this.

Hint: You can turn off the feature in the launcher game settings and we will add a function to en / disable it from within the in-game settings as well.

(Thanks to killertut for reminding us about this :) )


And finally, to keep you in the loop, here is a selection of what is currently in progress on our end.

This list does not include everything as we don’t want to promise things that we can’t deliver (and this still counts for this list as well) but we want to reassure that we are continuing to work on your feedback.


  • Increased the chance of bighorn sheeps to start fighting which will increase the amount of clues on your HunterMate.

In Progress:

  • Infinite patching loop in launcher
  • Crash when updating from older versions of the launcher to current one
  • Pink textures and crash close to borders
  • Animals crossing the borders out of the reserve
  • Tweaking populations for how many animals you will encounter in the Timbergold Trails

That’s it!

All the best from a sickness struck theHunter team and have a great hunt out there!


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