Status Update

Howdy hunters,

Here is a short status update from us.

Bobcat sneak peek #2

Work continues on the bobcat, including tweaks to the animations, sounds, model, AI and gameplay dynamics. We’re getting closer to being able to show you this magnificent feline in all its glory, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a couple more screenshots to help whet your collective appetites.

theHunter_R-2017-08-22-14-41-51-40 theHunter_R-2017-08-22-14-41-32-51 theHunter_R-2017-08-22-14-24-35-65

For those who missed previous updates, our aim is to make the bobcat a fairly unique species in terms of gameplay (how the animal will be hunted and lured) and also make it highly elusive with heightened senses. Hopefully this will make for a unique hunting experience. After all, these are pretty tough to hunt in real life.

Bear roaming bug update

Roberto and Martin have now pinpointed the source of the roaming bug. As many of you have already speculated, the bug not only affects bears, but other species too, with bears having a higher chance “catching” it due to their gameplay specifics. Without going into too much detail, the problem was caused by an error triggered by animal state changes. The fix is already being tested and once we’ve satisfied that it is successful, it will be rolled out in a game patch. In the meantime, we apologize for the continued inconvenience this bug is causing so many of you. It was extremely tough to identify the underlying cause, but we got there in the end.

Stutzen the rifle

Last week we released the .30-06 Stutzen bolt action rifle, and judging by your reviews so far, it seems to be a success. We would love to hear more of your feedback. Do you enjoy the new rifle? Can any of you share trophy shots featuring it?

Last days of Fiesta

summerfiesta_2017_doc_trophyOur infamous Summer Fiesta event is slowly coming to an end. We hope that you have enjoyed the mission packs, and the ongoing series of competitions. From looking at our data, quite a bit more than the 23 players I reported in my last update, have completed the 3 mission packs. If you haven’t already done so, it’s not too late. The special trophy being issued by Doc for completing all 3 packs is still going to be very unique, so if you want to get your hands on it, be sure to do so before time runs out.

We will report back on the final numbers at the end of this event. Good luck in the remaining days to everyone taking part.

That’s it from us for today.

Happy hunting!


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