Status Update

Howdy Hunters!

It’s time for another Status Update, just to keep you in the loop with the development and how things are shaping up.

12 GA Blaser F3 Game O-U Shotgun Forest Camo


Modeled off the lovely F3 Blaser O/U Shotgun, this new skin has been made to be released alongside the Turkey models and has been done so, with a nice camo theme. Species list and function will be the same as the other F3 models. However if you are a hunter that really likes to fully immerse yourself in the type of hunting you are doing, this gun is going to look, and feel great!

New Waterfowl Blinds

image (6)

We are very happy with how these have turned out and as you can see in the image, we have a variation for every situation! It is important to remember these are not reskins and are brand new models, that bring brand new options! 

New Turkey Models

image (5)

A lot of work has gone into the animations and more detailed parts of the Turkey model recently, and they are nearly ready to go into testing. The new rare variations are just about done as well, but as per usual, we will let you guys and girls find those for yourself!

Weekly Sales

THC_F2P_weekend_Sales_fb_1024x512_w13 (2)

This week’s sales focus on tents and other equipment as well as the ‘Scout’ rifles, there are some great deals and it is a good week to grab some tents! Make sure you check them out in the store.

Have a great weekend and let us know your thoughts and comments in the Discussion on our forums!



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