Status Update

It’s Wednesday again and time for this week’s status update. Among other things we´re doing some “under the hood” work in places which unfourtunately make the status updates somewhat shorter.

New patch will be released later this week with some bugfixes – fix for animals not dropping clues after some time and shotgun sound fix.

Blacktail TruRacs improvements
Just like with the Mule Deer improvements that came with the last game update, we will soon start to work on a new larger antler model for the Blacktail to push it’s visuals closer to the actual scores too.

New reserve
Preliminary work has also been started on the next hunting reserve. At the moment things are in the evaluation stage where we are trying to ensure that we can actually reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves. This involves trying out some new types of vegetation and other work that we haven´t really done before. We hope that this one should offer something quite new once released, and also correspond to community wishes. We can also say that it is not an African environment we´re making, and for reasons we will get into later on (although an African reserve is not as far away into the future anymore as we have previously stated). This is also a very early announcement and work will be done in several steps with some other things in between until the release which is at the moment roughly scheduled for March next year.


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