Summer Cleaning Part 2!


Howdy hunters!
While preparing some special events for you, we’ve decided to continue the Summer Cleaning in the Launcher, the Website, and the Store to make it tidy and neat.
Here’s a list of changes:

✅ As many of you suggested, we’ve improved the search/filter functionality in the store. There is now a new section called ‘All Items’ where you can search through all the items in the store.

✅ Added ammo and fuel subscription information to the top bar for better visibility.

✅ Personal Bests are back! Please note that in order to avoid some performance issues that were affecting the previous implementation, some server-side calculations need to be performed before displaying your personal bests, so please be patient!

✅ We have combined skills and ranks for different versions of the following weapons: .300 Bolt Action Rifles, .223 Semi-Automatic Rifles, .44 Revolvers, and 20 GA SA Shotguns. Existing skills and ranks for different versions of those weapons in the player’s stats have been summed up.

✅ Updated a few missions and competitions. We fixed rules and descriptions or added weapons they should have supported but they didn’t.

✅ Competitions’ Leaderboard now shows the top 100 participants instead of the top 20.

✅ Removed mentions of memberships and licenses that we missed during the previous update of the website/launcher.

✅ Removed “New” ribbon for all the items that have been in the store for more than 6 months, that we missed in the previous update.

✅ Fixed a few outdated or incorrect descriptions in the store (thanks for pointing them out!).

✅ Some other minor fixes.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and please let us know if you find something else in the website, launcher or store that needs fixing!

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