Summer Cleaning!

game_update_summer_cleaningHowdy hunters!
We’ve done a bit of Summer cleaning in the Launcher, the Website, and the Store. Here’s a list of changes:

 Removed all mentions of memberships and licenses
 em$ counter now shows the actual amount of em$ (it updates faster)
 Fixed the paging in the “previous competitions” section
 Removed “Earn em$” button and links as this feature is no longer supported
 Store: removed “New” ribbon for all the items older then 6 months
 Store: added appropriate info for weapons that share the same skills
 Store: fixed dozens of outdated/wrong descriptions
 Store: Added search/filter functionality
 Removed or fixed outdated links
 Added social media icons/links in the website footer
 Many other minor fixes

We hope you enjoy the improvements and please let us know if you find something else in the website, launcher, or store that needs fixing!

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