Summer Fiesta 2023



First off, if you don’t have auto-update enabled for Classic, make sure you update the game!

For the next four weeks the EHR is celebrating its annual Fiesta! That’s 3 mission packs (Easy, Medium and Hard), the long competition that runs for the whole 4 weeks and something special this year for the comps! There are 11 competitions this year, no tiers, each written by a Content Creator. The winner of each comp, along with the em$ and trophy, will win a snazzy new weapon skinned for the named Creator. The weapons will all be available in the store after the Fiesta, but take your chance to get your hands on one early, and free.

Participate for the prizes, the trophies, and the glory! This event is going to work a bit differently, so read on for the skinny.

While we’re considering this an event, it isn’t going to function like one. There are no special point$ to collect, no fancy banner and calendar. Activate your missions from the mission page and your comps from the competition page as you normally would.

All three mission packs will be available for the duration but they do have dependencies, so you can’t start with the hard pack and work backwards. You have plenty of time, but don’t waste it. And remember, it’s called a hard pack for a reason. It’s supposed to be hard. If you don’t like it, stick with the other two.

The Creator Comps last 4 days each and a new one starts every two days. You’ll have a couple of days clear at the end to pick up any animals you’re missing for missions or the long comp. Speaking of, the Mega Saver comp runs for 4 weeks. You have 30 attempts BUT one new animal will be added every few days. Remember to deactivate the comp in between sessions so you don’t waste attempts. We cannot return attempts to you, the system does not allow it. Highest combined (score + weight) x harvest value % wins. To be eligible, you need at least one harvested animal of each species.


Duration:  30 days

Start: 26 July 2023 (Wednesday) – morning

End: 22 August 2023 (Tuesday) – 10 am UTC



As explained, but you probably skipped it, all three mission packs will be available for the duration but the harder ones unlock as you complete the easier ones. No skipping ahead. You can play them in Multiplayer.

Remember that the Fiesta is our event for the hardcore players. Anyone should be able to complete the imaginatively named Easy Mission Pack. The other two will require a little more effort. Each pack is split into 4 sections, so try them if you can. You may not be able to complete the whole pack, but you can still win part of the prize.

Easy Mission Pack:

A total of 4000 gm$, 100 em$, a trophy and a 1 Month Unlimited Ammo Pass. (Ammo Pass is awarded on the first Easy Mission, The Antler one)


Medium Mission Pack:

A total of 8000 gm$, 200 em$, a trophy and a Motion Decoy – Double Tail


Hard Mission Pack:

A total of 12,000 gm$, 400 em$, a trophy and 4x Inventory Loadouts.



The event comes with 12 competitions, 11 Creator Comps that last 4 days each and one that lasts the duration!


Remember to deactivate this competition between attempts. We cannot return wasted attempts. Can not, not will not. It’s not possible.


Creator Comps

These are not tiered. First place wins the Creator’s item that was designed by the Creator. These items will be available in the store after the Fiesta ends. You cannot exchange them for something else.





What would a game be without rules?

We have one simple rule for our events: No exploitation of existing game mechanics to gain an advantage. All winners’ hunts will be checked by EW staff prior to prizes being rewarded, and the decision will be final.

In case of exploits usage, EW has a right to disqualify the player from this event.

If you use hacks, we will ban you. Permanently. Refer to the End User Licence Agreement on the website/Launcher. I can’t believe I have to explain this here, we don’t allow hacks. Not in normal gameplay, not in competitions, and certainly not in events. It only takes once. If you’re going to challenge the decision, you’ll need to have better evidence proving you didn’t cheat than we do proving you did.


Make hay while the sun shines, in this case it’s a Grand Sale! You know how we get with this, most of the store lands up on sale :)

Make sure to check out the Sale section to see the full list!


That’s all folks, any questions, feel free to post them below.

Enjoy all!

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