Game Update

Hello hunters,

Here comes the long awaited game patch with fixes and new content. We’ve managed to find and resolve most of the below mentioned bugs and issues thanks to your excellent efforts and dedication during the open beta, and we are super grateful to all of you who participated, it’s amazing to have you on board! It looks like we’ve also found the problem with stats not being saved for some users (in particular with Vista OS) – we are testing the fix right now and if everything works fine, we’ll release another small patch with it this week.

Otherwise – we hope that with this game update all your hunts will become more stable and enjoyable. Go grab your El Bisonte, shoot yourself some new ducks and share with us your thoughts and feelings, good or bad.



  • Animals killed by one shot will get a increase in trophy integrity.
  • Dust and snow now use the wind when calculating direction.
  • Tents should now be more correctly aligned with the terrain after having been placed.
  • Shotgun shots now take credit for all organs they hit.
  • Rabbit ears now count as head hits.
  • Added a new value (16011) shown by the launcher for when the game crashes, meaning that the game failed to create a d3d device (we saw multiple crashes caused by that, that the game couldn’t really handle).
  • Host and client versions need to match in order for a client to join a game.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when a player tried to dismantle a tent while reloading, he would get stuck in a T-pose.
  • Fixed the bison spotting score bug.
  • Fixed the issue with ducks jumping around after dying due to low fps.
  • Fixed the issue with animals not running away due to them being aggressive.
  • Fixed the issue with player not being able to respawn after fainting while having the inventory screen open.
  • Fixed the issue with bison spine order.
  • Fix for the issue with missing fox trotting clues.
  • Fix for the issue with hunting sessions – they could fall out of memory during redeploys which could potentially lead to missing statistics.
  • Client and Server reserve borders are now correctly calculated from the same data source.
  • Hits and misses could sometimes collide with old data and crash the game.
  • Shooting guns without bullets could crash the game when talking to the server. (How did you manage this?)
  • Campaigns could crash competitions.
  • Moving items could sometimes crash the game.
  • Fix some rendering stuff while in menus, inventory and map that should fix some of the crashes while in the map.
  • Multiple random crash fixes (while in-game)
  • Fixed goose ragdolls levitating sometimes
  • Fixed the skills for the 9.3×62 Anschuts rifle – they don’t get reset anymore

Release notes – new duck species

2015_11_ducksThe new ducks in Rougarou Bayou are of the same type as the Mallard i.e. dabbling ducks. These guys do not mind the company of each other so there is a chance you’ll find a Gadwall in a Mallard flock or a Northern Pintail cruising together with a bunch of American Black Ducks. Sometimes these species interbreed so it will be possible to find some hybrids of the Mallards and the others flying around the Bayou. How about getting them to land then? Well, Mallard decoys will work at a 50% attraction rate for all new species. But to get full attraction you’ll need to add some species specific decoys. For full attraction using as many Mallard decoys as possible you’ll need 24 Mallard decoys and 12 of another species. You can also use 24 species specific decoys to get the full effect.

As for callers it is a little more complicated. American Black Ducks are the easiest ones though. They react to Mallard callers just like Mallards. Gadwalls have their own short range caller which means they are not as attracted by a Mallard short range caller. The Northern Pintail is the other way around; they have a long range caller so they do not care as much for the Mallard long range caller.

This increase of waterfowl over Rougarou Bayou will cause busy times for your retriever dog. So make sure it is well rested and well equipped for some primo waterfowling!



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