Game Update



  • Whitetail Deer and Pheasants are now free to hunt for guests
  • Mule Deer will no longer be free to hunt for guests (Effective as of 3rd February 2016)
  • 12 GA Single Shot Shotgun is available for free for all guests
  • All 12 GA ammo is free for guests
  • First two tutorials now feature Whitetail instead of Mule Deer
  • Whitetail Missions and Mule Deer missions have changed places, so that in the old Mulie missions you now hunt Whitetails and vice versa
  • Updated localization
  • Reduced the max distance (150m -> 75m) at which the dog wants to return to the player after been given a “stay here!”  command.
  • Abort going towards the player if we tell the dog to stay, except when the dog is returning with an animal.
  • When exiting the ground blind, the dog will now exit at the position that the dog entered from.
  • Dog should now orientate towards a corner when exiting and entering a ground blind.
  • Community video tutorials are now visible on the website
  • Updating local community websites

Bug fixes

  • T-posing when using certain weapons is fixed
  • If the dog somehow fails to retrieve the animal that animal will be removed as a target for fetching
  • When the player is in a tower or ground blind the dog will go towards that item when trying to reach the player
  • If you issue a “stay!” command to your dog, the dog will stay still until you walk outside the maximum stay distance or give another command. Previously issuing a “sit!” or “lay down!” command could cause the dog to run to the player.


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