Weekend Competition and Sales


Howdy Hunters! The forth and last episode of our “Deer April” series will see you hunting the elusive Sitka Deer in the snowy wastes of the Whiterime Ridge reserve.
Check-out the rules and join for a chance to win hefty prizes in em$ here: https://www.thehunter.com/#competitions/details/101230


To help you hunt Sitka Deer we have set a few items on sale, including .300 Bolt Action Rifle (Winter Camo), Reverse Draw Crossbow (Winter Camo), Compound Bow “Snakebite” (Winter Camo), Sneaky 3D Arctic Winter Camouflage Clothing Set and much more!

Check out the complete list of items on sale here: https://www.thehunter.com/#store/sales

Sale ends on April the 28th, 10:00 am CET


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