Summer Cleaning Part 2!


Howdy hunters!
While preparing some special events for you, we’ve decided to continue the Summer Cleaning in the Launcher, the Website, and the Store to make it tidy and neat.
Here’s a list of changes:

✅ As many of you suggested, we’ve improved the search/filter functionality in the store. There is now a new section called ‘All Items’ where you can search through all the items in the store.

✅ Added ammo and fuel subscription information to the top bar for better visibility.

✅ Personal Bests are back! Please note that in order to avoid some performance issues that were affecting the previous implementation, some server-side calculations need to be performed before displaying your personal bests, so please be patient!

✅ We have combined skills and ranks for different versions of the following weapons: .300 Bolt Action Rifles, .223 Semi-Automatic Rifles, .44 Revolvers, and 20 GA SA Shotguns. Existing skills and ranks for different versions of those weapons in the player’s stats have been summed up.

✅ Updated a few missions and competitions. We fixed rules and descriptions or added weapons they should have supported but they didn’t.

✅ Competitions’ Leaderboard now shows the top 100 participants instead of the top 20.

✅ Removed mentions of memberships and licenses that we missed during the previous update of the website/launcher.

✅ Removed “New” ribbon for all the items that have been in the store for more than 6 months, that we missed in the previous update.

✅ Fixed a few outdated or incorrect descriptions in the store (thanks for pointing them out!).

✅ Some other minor fixes.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and please let us know if you find something else in the website, launcher or store that needs fixing!

Join the discussion on the forum:

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Weekend Competition and Sales

Harvest 2 Whitetail Bucks from over 30 meters in Redfeather Falls!

Find out what it’s all about and join the competition for a chance to win hefty prizes in em$!


Check out the related Best Trophy Shot contest on the Forum, for a chance to win an extra 500 em$!

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that we added 4 Snow Goose competitions in permanent rotation in the Launcher (5 days each):


✅ .243 Bolt Action Rifle
✅ Tree Stands
✅ Doc Monsignor Clothing Set
✅ Deployable Deer Targets
✅ Deer Callers

…and much more. Up to 50% off!


Sale ends on July 16th, 10:00 am


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Weekend Competition and Sales


In this weekend competition, Vera Herzschlag, the famous filmmaker, is looking for a hunter for the leading role in her new documentary. Could that be you?

Find out what it’s all about and join the competition for a chance to win hefty prizes in em$


To help you catch some Reindeers for Ms. Herzschlag documentary we have set a few items on sale, including:

  • Reindeer Rattle
  • .50 Inline Muzzleloader
  • Compound Bow “Red Dragon”
  • 5-Pin Range Finder Bow Sight
  • Hunting Horn
  • Vehicle Fuel

…and much more. Up to 50% off!

Check out the complete list of items on sale here:

Sale ends on June the 2nd, 10:00 am CET


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Weekend Competition and Sales


Catch as many Pheasants as you can for a chance to win a new trophy (never seen before in theHunter Classic!) and hefty prizes in em$. Check all the details here:


To help you catch tons of pheasants we have set a few items on sale, including 12 GA Pump Action Shotgun, Combination gun 93x74r 16ga, Pheasant caller, tents and gasoline. Up to 50% off!

Check out the complete list of items on sale here:

Sale ends on May the 12th, 10:00 am CET


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Game Update: Snow Goose


Howdy Hunters!
A new game update is live, and we want to let you know all the cool stuff you will find in it!

New species: Snow Goose
A new waterfowl has been introduced to the Whiterime Ridge reserve: the Snow Goose! Their name comes from their bright white feathers, however, some snow geese are actually gray/blue colored, and known as “blue morphs.” You will be able to hunt both variants, together with a much rarer one, in the snowy lands and cold skies of Whiterime Ridge.

New winter camo for the 20 GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun
With the introduction of Snow Geese we thought you might need a suitable camo for one of the waterfowl-hunting favourite shotguns.

3 Snow Goose Static Decoys
Static decoys for Snow Goose come in three flavors to increase realism: Feeder, Sentry and Active.
Snow Goose “Flapping-Wings” Decoy
This type of decoy mimics the wing movement of a real Snow Goose.
✅ Snow Goose Flag Lure
This flag features the characteristic black and white color pattern of a Snow Goose and can be used at long range to attract geese with motion resembling a goose flapping its wings.
Snow Goose Long Range Caller
This caller is used to increase the probability of birds breaking off from high flying flocks, and attempting to land, as they fly over an area.
✅ Snow Goose Short Range Caller
This caller  produces all the honks, clucks and feeding cackles needed to attract the birds that have already broken off a flock.

Waterfowl Blind – Arctic Winter Real Vegetation Camouflage
Especially designed for waterfowl hunting this blind comes decorated with foliage and vegetation from boreal forests and provides excellent visual reduction in subartic environments.

Last but not least, check out this cool video from Master Hunter HooCairs showcasing the Snow Goose and the new items!


Join the conversation on the Forum —> CLICK HERE


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Weekend Competition and Sales

king_challenge_banner_800x450This week’s in-game WEEKEND COMPETITION sees “King”Lurcan Gong issuing a challenge to all hunters to best him and his 3 best Mule Deers!

Check-out the rules and join for a chance to win hefty prizes in em$ here:


Also don’t forget this week’s sales! .270 Grey Wolf, .30-06 Stutzen, Blazing Orange Pulsar Bow, Fall Forest Sneaky 3D Camo and more! Up to 65% off.

Check out all the items on sale here:

mule_deer_sale_social_800x450Sale ends the 24th of April, 4:00am CET

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April Fools 2020 Weekend


Something strange is going on in Whitehart Island and Settler Creeks, have you noticed yet? If you haven’t, be sure to go out for a hunt in those reserves as this year’s April Fools event has just been extended for the whole weekend!


April Fools 2020 – Best Trophy Shot

Together with the April Fools event, we are hosting a Best Trophy Shot Competition on theHunter Classic’s Forum. If you are good with photos, make sure to give it a shot for a chance to win 500 em$

Deer April – The Whitetail Episode

This week end we have prepared a new in-game competition with sweet em$ prizes for all of you deer hunters out there. Check it out and join it.


Classic_sale_april_1Launcher[1]Last but not least we have discounted a few items for the weekend to help you hunters catch some of those elusive Whitetails. Check them out before the sale ends.

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Weekly Sale!


To help you hunt Red Deers and European Rabbits in our weekly Community Competition “Lucky Leprechaun” we have set a few items on sale, including Red Deer caller, Red Deer scent, .22 Air Rifle, .270 Bolt Action Rifle and much more!

DOGS – To top that off, we have decided to discout ALL Labrador Retrievers to help you hunters to fetch those elusive rabbits

GASOLINE – For those of you who own a vehicle we are glad to announce that due to the recent cuts in petrol price in the EHR we can now offer you gasoline at a whopping 60% discount!

Sale ends on Monday March the 16th at 13:00 CET

Check it out at:

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