Game Update – New Fur Variants


Howdy hunters!

Just a quick one this time. We’ve added some new fur variants to 5 animals to expand the variety and add realism. Some are common, and some are rare. The animals with new furs are:

  • Alpine Ibex – a new color variation called ‘Dark’. It is much darker than the existing Common.
  • Moose – a new color variation called ‘Light’. It has a lighter back and face color.
  • Mule Deer – a new rarity called ‘Dilute’. It is similar to the existing Albino, but with a lavender shade.
  • Water Buffalo – a new color variation called ‘Grey’. It is much lighter than the existing Common with a Grey shade.
  • Feral Hog – first of all, we’ve expanded the existing Common color variation with two more options – Red and Black. We also added a new color variation called ‘Belted’ with 2 options (Red-White and Black-White). And finally, we added 3 more options to the existing Piebald (Blonde-Black, Red-Black, and White-Black). Please note that we also decided to increase the amount of Piebald to increase the realism (as it is not rare in real life), so it is not as rare as it used to be.

We also implemented two suggestions we got from you after the recent Mission UI overhaul:

  • Automatically activate missions for Favorites only.
  • Improved the filtering system (mostly the search by Reserve).

And the last but not least – one more improvement:

  • Any banned players automatically disappear from all Leaderboards (Event, Competition, Season, Community League) as we want to remove any memories of the cheaters.

Grab the update HERE on Steam.

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