Game Update: QoL and Bugfixes


Howdy Hunters!

Just a small release this time, a little content, some improvements, a few bug fixes.

New content:

  • 3 new engraved scopes, as requested for the engraved weapons. We’ve added engraved variations of the 3-9x40mm Ansch├╝tz Rifle Scope, the 5.5-22x56mm Rifle Scope Eagle Mk I, and the 12x50mm Rifle Scope.


  • Lost Connection screen has been improved. Now it is more informative and gives the opportunity to reconnect manually if you lost the connection after an automatic attempt.
  • Any lists leaderboards, ranks, achievements, etc) are now listed alphabetically.
  • Added an outline to the Tree Stands (similar to the e-caller), so you won’t spend time looking for it anymore. Just press the E button (default) and the nearest Tree Stand within 50 meters will be outlined.
  • The long-awaited feature by many, which will be also hated by some – starting a new day will also remove one of your competition attempts, as it has been used as an advantage by some players (due to the re-generation of the animal population on a day change). Be aware of your remaining attempts if you’re running out of attempts. If you let a hunt roll over and have no attempts left, none of the animals harvested on that new day will count for a competition.
  • The free┬ácamera in the inventory now takes pictures at the players’ resolution, where previously it was limited to 640*480.
  • More scopes now available for the .308 Bolt Action Rifle.

Bug fixes:

  • .223 ammo weight was incorrectly rounded in inventory.
  • Freelook icon was incorrect after using binos or raising a gun.
  • Some bundle names were missing in the purchase history.
  • Improvement to the League scoring system to avoid the issue we had recently.
  • Aimpoint H34L red dot missing when aiming – fixed.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Keep that feedback coming and Happy Hunting!


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