Game Update: QoL – Dogs


Howdy hunters!

It’s your favourite, a QoL update! Don’t deny it, they’re totally your favourite.

We know you all love dogs but our lovely in-game pets are not as good as they could be. Therefore, we spent some time trying to improve them. We know these changes are not all you wanted to see, but we will find more time for more improvements next year:

1. Dogs’ pathfinding has improved significantly to avoid your little pet getting stuck on trees or stones.
2. The chance of a dog spooking an animal while sitting or lying has been reduced.
3. Dogs are more patient now and do not interfere with the player so much (especially while the player is aiming at an animal).
4. Commands given to dogs in Multiplayer are not so loud anymore (players on another side of a map were able to hear it)
5. There were a few problems with the Dog Backpacks, we fixed those too.

As always, remember to report your bugs to support.

Grab the update HERE on Steam.

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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