Game Update: Wood Grouse Patch


Howdy hunters!

Wood Grouse get their first patch today, here’s what’s in it:


  • 2 Rares added to the Wood Grouse, Albino and Pale. The furs (feathers?) will apply to both males and females.
  • Trophy poses now match the store image, together with their updated icons.
    Wood Grouse’s flee distance increased.
  • We slightly reduced the population of Wood Grouse on all maps as there were too many.

Bug Fixes:

  • Using the Wood Grouse box caller while crouching made the player stand up straight – fixed.
  • Wood Grouse fanned its tail after death – fixed.
  • Deployed Wood Grouse decoys left in the game did not show on the launcher – fixed (together with the double tripod stands).
  • Pointer spooked the Wood Grouse too far – fixed.
  • Pointer did not change its position once finding an animal, even if the animal was moving – fixed.
  • Spinning Duck Decoys had issues with attraction and we fixed them according to the store descriptions – fixed.

Grab the update HERE on Steam.

That’s all for now,

Happy Hunting!

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