Game Update – Wood Grouse


Howdy hunters!

At long last. We’ve kept you guessing (some of you got closer than others) but here they are at last: WOOD GROUSE. That’s Capercaillie for those of you inclined to show off your Scottish pronunciation and spelling ability.

So what equipment will be available? Decoys, a caller and a locator are available in the store, but they are huntable without any gear, like Turkeys. They also release with their Trophy Poses available in the store.

Where can you find them? Hirschfelden, Hemmeldal and Val-de-Bois.

Look forward to Wood Grouse Missions and competitions soon.

As always, please report any bugs to us so we can iron out any problems quickly. Even if we’re aware of them, more information can help speed things along.

Oh, one last thing, before we forget: Classic Streams are coming back! They will be back in their Thursday spot, but on occasions when our lovely and talented streamer can’t manage a Thursday, we’ll do our best to make it up to you on another day. And who will be doing them? Find out soon 😉

Grab the update HERE on Steam.

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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