Status Update

Hello Hunters,

This week our status update comes a bit later, and here’s why:

EW Go-karting race

Yesterday we went to blow off some steam and did go-kart racing. Despite a couple of nasty scuffles, we are happy to let you know that all the devs are still safe and sound enough to continue working on bugs fixes and new features. Although Pim was rather unequivocal about his winner’s preferences, it was Herman, Emil and Robin who made it to the victory stand. The fact that the two of the team’s fastest and most technical racers are the ones working on our server migration, is quite comforting, right? 😉

Go Kart Race - winners

Gift codes scam continues

Sadly, we still have problems with people selling our gift codes bought with stolen credit card details. We want to alert everyone that if you’ve purchased such a code on a third-party site, per Skype, or anywhere else but our official homepage, we will remove all em$, items and memberships acquired with this code, and it’s only the scammer you paid your money to will benefit from it. If you find out that someone is selling theHunter gift codes cheaper than our official price, it is a sure sign there’s something fishy and we’d really appreciate if you let us know about such incidents.

Ask Me Anything

Today we’re introducing a new community feature – Ask Me Anything. For starters, it will be me who you will be able to put your questions to, and if it is a success, we’ll be hosting AMA sessions with other team members as well.

Here is your unique chance to ask something you’ve always wondered, but please respect the rules:

• Our Code of Conduct applies

• No tech support and bugs related questions, as these usually require a thorough personal investigation and we have specific channels for those type of queries (customer support and Bug Reports forum)

• Try to avoid opinionated questions, eg. ”Why does the new gun suck?”

• Do not repost your question multiple times

• All questions may be asked, but not all questions may be answered, although I’ll do my best to reply to everything I can. If I the answer is unknown or can’t be revealed, I’ll let you know. Questions will be answered not necessarily in the order in which they’re posted.

The AMA thread will be unlocked for 48 hours, starting at 12 p.m. CET on February 28. All the questions will be moderated and supervised by me and the moderation team. I’ll do my best to reply to all the questions within a week after the AMA session is over.

UPDATE: The AMA Thread is now unlocked for questions.

Design competition – vote now

The poll for the community design competition closes in 3 days, please make sure to vote for the design you want to be implemented in theHunter.

Aimpoint sights

Yesterday we released two Aimpoint sights that seemed to become quite a hit, sweet! Some of you have pointed out that the original definition ”scopes” was not quite accurate, since they are in fact sights. The point taken and the descriptions are updated accordingly, we are happy to admit our mistakes.

Happy hunting!


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