Update – Bushrangers Run Travel Missions +


Howdy hunters!

We don’t normally do releases during the Fiesta, but since some of our more energetic players have torn through the missions and only have some competitions left, we thought we’d send some stuff your way. Don’t worry if you’re still on the Fiesta, the new mission pack isn’t going anywhere.

So what’s in the release?

Something new to sink your teeth into while we’re working on more stuff:

  • Bushrangers Run travel mission pack.

Some QoL tweaks and bug fixes to keep your hunting experience smooth:

  • Daily Mission forecasted rewards were wrong on day 10 (which could cause the wrong reward to show further along too) – bug fixed.
  • Bundles now appear in the store search feature.
  • Increased number of Trophy Shots and Trophies visible per page.
  • New page navigation buttons in the Trophies and Gallery section.
  • Last but not least, the Delayed taxidermy button disappearing from the hunt history before 24 hours have passed (which can lead to some lost rare or personal best animals) – fixed.

We’ll be back with more soon, look forward to it!

Grab the update HERE on Steam.

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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