Game Update


Howdy Hunters!

We’re back with more tweaks to make life in the EHR even more fun!

Here’s what you will find in this Update:

Bug fixes:

✅ Sometimes animals did not react to the non-vital body shots at all. Fixed now.
✅ The translation of titles in the launcher was broken in some languages (they contained exclamation marks instead of spaces), we finally fixed it.
✅ Missions that require a shot to the heart OR lungs did not work properly, fixed now.

Then some improvements to your experience:

Experience Improvements

✅ A taxidermize confirmation box has been added to avoid unwanted animal taxidermize by miss clicking.
✅ The maximum amount of tents to be deployed per reserve has been increased to 10
✅ Deployable Hunting Towers and Tripod Stands have a rotation option during the deploying

And finally, a number of bundles have been added for more convenient shopping:


✅ Classic Starter Weapon Bundle
✅ Lots of Pockets Bundle
✅ Oldschool Hunter
✅ Long Range Equipment Bundle
✅ Premium Long Range Equipment Bundle
✅ Going Large Bundle
✅ Small But Mighty Bundle
✅ Mad Hatter Bundle
✅ Canada Goose Equipment Bundle
✅ Mallard Equipment Bundle
✅ Magpie Goose Decoy Full Spread Bundle
✅ Magpie Goose Decoy Quarter Spread Bundle
✅ The Geese Are Spinning (Magpie Goose)
✅ The Geese Are Spinning (Snow Goose)

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

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Game Update: Puma


Howdy hunters!
The time has come for a new game update! A major one this time, as a new species is being introduced to the Evergreen Hunting Reserve.

Ladies and gents, please welcome our new addition to Timbergold Trails: the Puma! (aka Mountain Lion, aka Cougar, aka Catamount etc. this animal has about 40 names in English alone!)

The majestic feline has been spotted in the mountains north-west of the reserve and sometimes in the hills south of the river. Be careful though, as occasional attacks on humans have been reported!

Together with the new cat, a few new items have arrived in the Store to help you hunt this elusive predator:

Puma Scent Spray
Puma Electronic Caller Add-on


As well as something to make your trophy shots look gorgeous:

Puma Trophy Shot Poses


On top of that, Puma has been added to the list of animals that can be attracted using:

Predator “Jackrabbit” Caller
Motion Predator Decoy (Double Tail)
Motion Predator Decoy (Rabbit)

Here’s a cool video from veteran hunter and content creator HooCairs taking a first look at the new feline:


Last but not least, our translators have been very busy making sure theHunter Classic speaks your language, and we want to thank them for the awesome job they are doing!
On that note, we are still looking for translators for the following languages:

● French
● Danish
● Dutch

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

That’s all for now folks, we’re all very excited about the new animal and we hope you are too.

Let us know what you think and as usual please give us a shout should you find any issues.

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Game Update: Daily Missions


Howdy hunters!

Today we are glad to introduce a brand new feature to theHunter Classic: Daily Missions!

This is a completely new mission system that we hope will provide you with extra entertainment, as well as give you one more way to earn gm$.


✅  In the Launcher (or Website) you can now find a new section under Missions called Daily Missions (DM from now on).

✅  Each day every player receives a new DM to complete. Different players will receive different DMs.

✅  By completing a DM every day increases your DM streak by 1.

✅  Skipping or failing to complete a Daily Mission will break your DM streak and will bring you back to day one.

✅  DMs come in three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.


✅  Each difficulty level has different base rewards: 100 gm$ for Easy, 500 gm$ for Medium, and 1000 gm$ for Hard respectively.

✅  Your first DM will be an Easy one, then DMs of different difficulty levels will alternate according to a pattern that we call a “cycle”. A cycle looks like this: E-E-E-M-E-E-E-M-E-E-E-M-E-E-E-H (where E stands for Easy, M for Medium, and H for Hard). As you can see a cycle lasts for 16 days, provided of course that you keep completing the DMs that are assigned to you.


Example of cycle

✅  Once the first cycle is completed, a new cycle begins with gm$ rewards increased by 10% (Easy = 110 gm$, Medium = 550 gm$, Hard =1100 gm$).

✅  With every subsequent cycle, rewards increase by an extra 10% up to a maximum of double the amount of the original rewards (a 100% increase). So for example, if you manage to complete 10 cycles in a row without breaking your streak you will then receive a x2 reward for each mission which will continue until you break your streak.


✅  As they’re meant to be completed in one day, DMs are supposed to be overall quite simple and will not require specific weapons or equipment.

✅  Unlike regular missions, for a harvest to be valid in DMs, you will have to kill the animal yourself. Friends can still help you find the required animal in a Multiplayer session though.

✅  Unlike regular missions, Daily Missions don’t need to be activated. A Daily Mission is always active for the time it lasts (24 hours).

✅  The Daily Missions system does not replace the existing Missions system (which has been now renamed: “Regular Missions”).


With the introduction of Daily Missions, a new service is available in the Store under “Services”:daily_missions_game_update_card

Resume Daily Missions Streak – allows you to resume a DM’s streak. For example, if you have a long streak of completed DMs and then missed or failed a DM, you can use this service to resume your streak and continue from your last completed DM.

The good thing is, it doesn’t matter how much time has passed since you broke your streak, you will always be able to resume it – even if you broke it, say, a year before.

This service can be purchased in advance and activated when needed. There is no limit to how many of these cards you can purchase or own.

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Game Update

animal_poses_2_game_updates_800x450Howdy hunters!
We have just made a new release with a few fixes and some new content.
Here’s the changelog:


Added 10 brand new Animal Trophy Shot Poses packs:

✅ Mule Deer
✅ Blacktail Deer
✅ Black Bear
✅ Wild Boar
✅ Brown Bear
✅ Bison
✅ Feral Goat
✅ Dall Sheep
✅ Grizzly Bear
✅ Roe Deer

You can find them in the Store individually for sale or in one convenient Bundle!


✅ Fixed an issue with the E-Caller UI where it would disappear after a specific series of actions.
✅ Fixed a bug where shooting some animals with 12 GA Buckshot ammo on localized versions of the game would cause the game to crash.
✅ Fixed a bug where sometimes the camera rotation freezed during a Trophy shot.
✅ Fixed a bug where taking a Trophy shot of an animal floating in the water would cause the game to crash.
✅ Few minor fixes in missions and competitions (6 missions and 2 competitions have been updated). Thank you for your feedback and please continue to send it, we are on a mission (excuse the pun!) to fix them all!


✅ We have increased the power of .308 rifles in response to overwhelming feedback in that direction. Now you will find two types of ammo in the Store: the .308 Handgun Edition for handguns only and the .308 Rifle Edition for rifles. We hope you can finally enjoy the true power of .308 rifles now!

Here’s a great video by Content Creator HooCairs showcasing the new .308 Rifle Edition ammo:

✅ Added a new key binding to “Unfreeze animal pose” during a trophy shot. You can find it under Options > Key Bindings > Trophy Shot (default key: ).
✅ 7 Mission Packs have been updated with improved descriptions:

  • Blacktail Deer Missions
  • Snowshoe Hare Missions
  • European Rabbit Missions
  • Coyote Missions
  • Rougarou Bayou Travel Missions
  • Roosevelt Elk Missions
  • Whitehart Travel Missions

Special thanks to community member TheSheWolf for reviewing and proofreading the mission’s text!

We hope you enjoy this update, and as usual please let us know if you bump into any issues!

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Autumn Bugfixes

autumn_bugfixes_800x450Howdy hunters!
We have just released a patch with a few fixes.

Here’s the changelog:


✅ Fixed an issue where some animals fell through the ground during trophy shot mode.

✅ Fixed a bug where some animals could not be rotated in trophy shot mode when using predefined poses.

✅ Fixed a bug where a player might see another player moving in some weird pose while in trophy shot mode, in a multiplayer game.

✅ Fixed a bug where the Albino Female Moose would look like a normal one in a Trophy Lodge.

✅ Few minor fixes in missions and competitions. Thank you for your feedback and please continue to send it, we are on a mission (excuse the pun!) to fix them all!


✅ People were able to download the free equipment DLC on Steam multiple times by using multiple Steam accounts. This is now fixed, any theHunter Classic account can only download the DLC once.

✅ The outline of deployable items could be exploited to see animals far away through the environment. This is now fixed and cannot be used as an advantage any longer.

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Game Update

release_4-2_socialHowdy hunters!
We have just released a patch with a few new features and bug fixes.
Here’s the changelog:


✅ Fixed some animations for the recently released Maisto 12 GA Semi-automatic shotgun.
✅ Fixed a bug where Snow Geese shot while walking on the ice were counted as airborne.
✅ Fixed the number of Snow Geese kills in the corresponding in-game achievement pop-up message.
✅ Fixed the number of harvests by the 20 GA SA Snow Camo shotgun in the corresponding in-game achievement pop-up message.
✅ Few minor fixes in missions and competitions. Thank you for your feedback and please continue to send it, we are on a mission (excuse the pun!) to fix them all!
✅ Good news for waterfowl hunting lovers – Fixed the bug where Snow Geese and Magpie Geese flocks sometimes were silent.


✅ Slightly changed the position of the Maisto 12 GA Semi-automatic shotgun is held when aiming, so as to give a more realistic point of view and improve accuracy with the iron sight.
✅ Added new, original sounds for the Maisto 12 GA Semi-automatic shotgun.
✅ Added more realistic Snow Goose sounds.


✅ Added ‘All Time’ personal bests. Please note that All-Time Personal Bests only include seasons with the latest scoring system. In other words, seasons with older versions of the scoring system won’t be available in the All-Time Personal Bests.
✅ Good news for waterfowl hunting haters – Added a new option to disable the waterfowl flocks’ sounds altogether (Options → Gameplay).
✅ A brand new Mission Pack is ready for you. This one is all about shotguns!

We hope you enjoy this update – please do let us know what you think and if you find any issues.

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Game Update

THC_game_updates_piebald_sambar2Howdy Hunters! We are glad to announce a new update, here’s what you will find in it:

✅ Piebald fur variations were added for both Rusa and Sambar deer.

✅ By popular demand, partially empty ammo boxes now “auto-aggregate”. This means that if you have one box with 2 bullets and one with 3 bullets they will merge into one box with 5 bullets.

✅ Two new services have been added to the store, something that many of you have been asking for a long time:

➡️ Unlimited ammo subscription
➡️ Unlimited fuel subscription

Please note that these are premium features that are meant as a convenience. Both are available for em$ only.

For the next two weeks, 3 days and 1-month subscriptions will be discounted by 50% to give you the chance to try them out!

We hope you enjoy the new additions!

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Game Update


Howdy Hunters!
Today we’re releasing a new game update and we want to let you know what you will find in it:


✅ New Snow Goose Mission pack. Meet Igsivalitaq (no, the office cat isn’t walking on my keyboard, that’s actually an Inuit name!) and unveil his story in 10 brand new missions.

✅ New winter clothes set, perfect for hunting in cold, sub-arctic regions. It includes 5 items:

  • Arctic Fox Hat (White Fur)
  • Arctic Jacket (White Fur)
  • Arctic Gloves (White Fur)
  • Arctic Boots (White Fur)
  • Arctic Pants (Snow White)


✅ Fixed the infamous “un-harvestable animal” bug, an issue where sometimes players were unable to harvest killed animals. This happened both in singleplayer and multiplayer, as well as during a “second day hunt” – just to mention the most frequent scenarios. This should be gone for good now and you won’t lose your animals and trophies anymore. Please note that there is a similar, yet much rarer issue that we call “zombie animals” whereas when you shoot an animal it still looks at you and cannot be killed or harvested. This is a very rare issue and we are still looking into it.

✅ Fixed a bug where bullets could not be fired through some waterfowl blinds.

✅ Fixed a bug in the “Yin & Yang” competition where any animal would count against the competition’s goal.

Hope you enjoy it, feel free to let us know what you think of the new additions as well as let us know if you find any issues on the Forum:

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Game Update


Howdy hunters! We have just released a patch with a few Snow Goose-related bug-fixes:

✅ Fixed an issue where the player could see animals through terrain and vegetations if they looked from inside a static Snow Goose Decoy.

✅ Snow Geese achievements’ max value has been changed from 1000 to 4000 to align it with all other birds.

✅ Fixed Snow Geese decoys icons in the inventory (“Feeder” decoy had the icon for “Active” and vice-versa)

✅ Fixed a bug with the Snow Geese Flag Lure where the shadow of this item was missing.

✅ Snow Goose now has an additional trophy pose with open wings in the lodge.

✅ There are now more spawning areas on the land for Snow Goose, so that they will not concentrate in only a few spots.

✅ Fixed a bug where the “blue-morph” version of the Snow Goose was extremely rare and was named “melanistic”. This color variation has been now given the appropriate probability and renamed “Blue Common“. So Snow Goose has now three colors variation: Common, Blue Common and Albino (rare). The very few players who have managed to catch the old “melanistic” variant will keep it as “melanistic” in their stats history.

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Game Update: Snow Goose


Howdy Hunters!
A new game update is live, and we want to let you know all the cool stuff you will find in it!

New species: Snow Goose
A new waterfowl has been introduced to the Whiterime Ridge reserve: the Snow Goose! Their name comes from their bright white feathers, however, some snow geese are actually gray/blue colored, and known as “blue morphs.” You will be able to hunt both variants, together with a much rarer one, in the snowy lands and cold skies of Whiterime Ridge.

New winter camo for the 20 GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun
With the introduction of Snow Geese we thought you might need a suitable camo for one of the waterfowl-hunting favourite shotguns.

3 Snow Goose Static Decoys
Static decoys for Snow Goose come in three flavors to increase realism: Feeder, Sentry and Active.
Snow Goose “Flapping-Wings” Decoy
This type of decoy mimics the wing movement of a real Snow Goose.
✅ Snow Goose Flag Lure
This flag features the characteristic black and white color pattern of a Snow Goose and can be used at long range to attract geese with motion resembling a goose flapping its wings.
Snow Goose Long Range Caller
This caller is used to increase the probability of birds breaking off from high flying flocks, and attempting to land, as they fly over an area.
✅ Snow Goose Short Range Caller
This caller  produces all the honks, clucks and feeding cackles needed to attract the birds that have already broken off a flock.

Waterfowl Blind – Arctic Winter Real Vegetation Camouflage
Especially designed for waterfowl hunting this blind comes decorated with foliage and vegetation from boreal forests and provides excellent visual reduction in subartic environments.

Last but not least, check out this cool video from Master Hunter HooCairs showcasing the Snow Goose and the new items!


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